Firecracker Eyes, Live On

There’s something unsettling
                                                with the state
of the world:

                                                Firecracker eyes,
                                                live on.

They watch
          as their tears
feed cancer:

                                                Raindrops on a
                                                Sunday afternoon.

Their sparks,

                                                Sick feelings,
                                                       Be wise,
                                                My truth.

                                                I comprehend you,
                                                I deliver you.

I shiver from you too.

                                                Sunshine Hotline,
                                                I call,
                                                I do.

Those are some mistakes,
They really are,
It’s true.

Forgive me not,
It’s fine;
It’s you.

                                                I lie cold in your breast,
                                                Find fault in your step,
                                                Feel home in your caress,

I bleed fountains of youth.

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