An Address and a "Set List"

Dear Blog Readers,

I just want to take the time to say: "thank you" for all of your pageviews––they mean everything to me.  An update on me: I am doing very well here in Nashville––and, although this blog might not be telling of it, I have been writing feverishly over the past six months and am now up to 100,000 words on my current, novellic project, tentatively entitled This Life in Shadows (completion date hopefully by the end of the calendar year).  There has also been some murmurs of an art show coming to Nashville this November, which Yours Truly has been asked to read at.  Because of this, I, being the obsessive preparer that I am, have compiled a list of 12 poems in a certain order, to be read at the event, which, since I am at a loss for words, have deemed my "set list," and it is as follows (each one a link):

1. Mushaboom Girl
2. Here at Twilight
3. Integer Collection
4. Bliss
5. Conjoined at the Hip
6. Aftermath
7. In the Rearview
8. Lovely
9. Same Ornaments
10. this is peace.
11. No Sun
12. all because empty roses lie idly

Thank you all so much for your continued support!  More details about the art show coming soon!




So much wasted thought
on delusion––
I want the truth!
The whole truth!
Nothing but the truth!

So help me,
return to me,
for so far
it's been
a troubled stint,
a mind a-fixed,
a life in splints,
a hurrying
and all that
madness brings.
And it's in me
like thrusting,
a knife twisting
and pulsing,
oh lovely,
comfort me,
I don't want to be
amid so much
that I let
madness win.