Here at Twilight

Here at twilight I sit
And comprehend
The earth turning
Below me
And it's all
I can stand.

The world barreling
Right through me
My end.

My mind sifting
From within.

Here in moonlight I sit
And comprehend
The sun––
A hidden shadow
Till it's found
Once again.

City of Glitter

in this city of glitter
whole peoples live and swindle
under rocks
they hide
while soulsucking televisions
play the actors
they played out
and will tonight

and the evilest of men
smile wider than the good
knives sharpening
laughter echoing
while streets remain dirty
from endless tires screeching
and the holiest of men
die prying and leeching

in stuffy coffeeshops and airless nights
this city moves forward
in fourwall houses and onebedroom apartments
this city hides
this city calls dreamers
and this city lies
this city, an abomination
this city, all right


I scream while eating ice cream:
what is the world
and all its fallacies?

what is the world?
I ask myself
to no avail.
do these objects in motion
serve a purpose
other than to themselves?

do these bodies
seek certainty
in all they touch
with their hands?

                my spoon shakes
                at what I feel––
                is it fake?
                is it real?

what is the world?
everything around?
or each head
hearing its own sound?

I leave my table clean,
grab my jacket,
grab my hat,
leave my seat
and fall into envy
for all the people
with eyes lean.

this is peace.

out here in the still:
the silence overwhelming,
broad as the shoulders
of a woodsman,
I sit and think:
this is peace.

out where there are no bodies––
no talking,
no laughing,
out here with the trees––
never wanting,
never needing,
I think:
this is peace.

out here the silence takes you,
becomes you,
becomes one with you,
and you let it
as if it were a choice,
remain alone with your thoughts
and your self and think:
this is peace.

out here where no one's striving,
driving to new places
with new faces
always wanting something,
you hear the birds finally,
watch the trees sway lightly,
flowers bloom brightly,
and think:
this is peace.

this is peace here.
and you'll return again
when the world wants from you
and does not cease.
you'll come back here,
face drawn,
eyes heavy,
and return to peace.