See Me Fleeting

see me fleeting
eternally bleeding
alone on the park bench
cloud cover overhead

see me dreaming
introspective seeming
alone on the Greyhound
gray seats all around

see me breathing
meditative beaming
lost in the city
with all old and gritty

see me needing
always heart beating
lost in the country
it took me so long to see

see me bleeding
eternally fleeting
alone in the gray city
clouds covering all gritty

see me seeming
meditative dreaming
alone in the old country
seeing from where I'm sitting

see me beaming
introspective breathing
lost on the park bench
trees and things overhead

see me beating
always in needing
lost on the Greyhound
it took so long to be found


Because My Window Opens (Haiku)

Because my window opens
The sounds of neighbors and the street
Combat the sounds of the stereo.


Young Once

Ugh...you can only be young once.
             To live another day
             (in this youth)
             is a blessing.
                                    Perk up a little.
                                    You young bloods.
                                    You little demons
                                    in the midst of
                                    Widen those eyes,
                                    newlyborn sons and
                                    Take this breath in,
                                    hold it,
                                    taste the age of
                                    the universe on your
                                    young tongues.

It is our time.
You generation of fresh faces,
                                   fresh thoughts,
                                   fresh actions.

                                   Lighten up, you little
                                   monsters of soul
                                   searching. Brighten
                                   those steps and
                                   realize your youth.

This place you can change.