Another cup, another smoke
I contemplate the rights of man
how we move on
how we choose each second
in this wide world
great world
beautiful world
with its trees towering and its rock supporting
all over

May new days be upon all of you
May this be your moment for the New

And how all those rooms of yesterday make up this room of today
same furniture
same wall art
on different walls
in different spaces
making this room again
all mine
making this life I live
again all mine

How thoughts go of tomorrow
bouncing off these walls and hitting me back
do I do them
do I let them live
do I let them have space inside my head

And how all these clothes I wore yesterday make up my person today
though it’s a different time
it’s a different time
and do I encounter it all today as I did yesterday
or do I laugh differently
and love differently
and listen more intently
or just shun it all and return to yesterday––

the day with less regret
the day I was not changed

I make this choice over and over again.

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