Dangerous Thinking

Oh! what a deliberate mess...
                                              this place.
                                              this time.

You can't find peace even amongst the "hippies!"
               such a sad, lonesome world,
               yet filled with jubilant jerks!
You can't see sunlight even above the clouds!

                 all the sounds of Earth
                     bottled into one,
                      giant, heaping
                       ball of trash...

You wouldn't call this music the righteous name of "sound."
             (not for all the lost pennies scattered about.)

                 You call that a painting!
    van Gogh had no right to hold a brush!
                (no wonder he went and
                   cut his own ear off.)

                                                         putrid art--
                                                            never good enough
                                                                  for my

                             so, what?
                             you think
                   these scrambled letters
                        serve a purpose?

would you
classify this

                      (a poem.)


You can't find art within reach of here for a thousand
                                 or so miles...

go ahead
take a seat
remove your hat
this is what we call:


                                                              (don't let it consume you.)

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