Jazz Connection

I try
       each night
       to entice
my self
                    to do nothing
                        not even think.

You may call it meditation– 
But I,
           call it connection
                                        to the soul.

I put on jazz,
                     I retract.
                     I hinder
my past.
                                   I relinquish
                                   the duty
                                   of my future.

                     I do not worry,
                     I let it all plunge
                                                            back to the oblivion
                                                            from which it was fashioned.

I become whole,
                            with Creator
                                                      and Created.
                                                      I’m dead
                            to the Whore
and to the Fool.

                           I am free
                           to waste into poetry,
                                                            and bleed
                                                            into eternity.

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