Cold Cinders

                           All I see –
is a heart of impenetrable darkness
in the bosom of this
blinding city.

Your pungent
coffee shop
with your
is just
kill you

– Sooner than you’d like.

Wouldn’t you like to breathe
the fumes of futile
wants and wants and wants
just one more

One more day in this
Wanton City of Need?


Go ahead,
go ahead with your need
to buy and buy and buy.

You won’t find me in line.
No, you won’t find me waiting in the line
leading straight to
The Reckoning of Wants.

You’ll be suffering
when the fires come.
When they come to take away your precious
coffee and Coke and coal mines.


Then we’ll see this city the way it was meant to be:
cinders,  Cold Cinders. 
              Heartless Ash.
              Unforgiving Embers.

And I will look at the fallen stalwart skyscraper,
who trampled your once loved coffee shop,
and I will smile
because all I will see
is the heart of invincible light
resiliently overcoming
the heart of impenetrable darkness
who stamped
your core
with Want
disguised as Need.

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